Meet a man who defeated Tiger Woods in Golf…

How often in life do you meet someone has been living his dream of playing a professional sport for 40 years , not too often or never.

If I played one game and had one at bat in a major league baseball game, I would have cried from joy.

Can you imagine playing a pro sport that you love and getting paid to do it. What a way to wake up everyday.

For Professional Golfer John Ross, this is his life. Since 1972, John has been a professional golfer and… Continue reading

It is Okay to Drink…

June is here and a lot is going on. I just finished playing a weekend baseball Tournament in Cherry Hill, New Jersey.

Lots of fun but 2 games a day was a bit difficult. It was all about ice, drinking water, aqua jogging and cleansing to recover.

I found that besides competing, I enjoyed doing Play by play announcing in the games I did not participate in. It was great.

Back to health. Now that summer is staring to hit, please, please drink lots of water, no Gatorade, no powerade,… Continue reading

Animal Protein, Live with it or without it?

As you know, Nutrition is a huge part of my life. I truly feel that you are what you eat. While many people claim to eat healthy, Really it is a lie. They might compare themselves to a McDonald’s 5 time a weeker, or a a person who attends daily “Unhappy Hour” at the local bar.

What if someone lived on fruits and vegetables? as their primary source of food.

*No Grains- most are a fraud anyway

*No processed sugar

*No cooked animal protein-Now the controversy starts.

According Dr. Doug… Continue reading

No Holiday Blues!

In the spirit of the holidays and with Christmas just a day away, I have decided to do a few things for you.

First is to tell you that if the holidays are getting you blue, you have my blessing to reach out to me at 877 347-7839, as I will have all calls forwarded to my cell phone. 24/7 for the next 3 days I will put a smile on your face. Next is to put all our products in the store at an incredible discount, many will only… Continue reading

Its a Splash

I would like to thank you for the well wishes for my upcoming wedding. I told Stephanie that I would personally respond back to each one. It is taking me a while as we received a few hundred, but I feel it is important.

I must tell you that planning a wedding is a lot more work than people realize.

*who to invite



*The food,etc

This is just the tip of the iceberg. For Stephanie being a woman-she has even more to do.

It is important for both… Continue reading

Physical Therapist Likes the 22 Minute Workout!

Hello Fire Your Diet Reader, As many people know,I am huge baseball fan…

My grand father played pro as did I and have been a lifelong New Your Mets fan… Hence the blue and orange colors of Fire Your Diet…

Last year I was at Ryan Lee’s internet marketing Seminar and Ryan told me that I had to connect with Jeff Cavaliere a Physical Therapist who works for the New York Mets…

When a guru says connect with someone,the smart thing to do is listen and proceed…

Jeff and I… Continue reading

Vitamin E- A Real Antioxidant

We all hear about how certain products are loaded with antioxidants and will protect us from disease. Most of it is hype and a way for companies to sell more products.

Vitamin E has been widely studied and is know for its function as an Antioxidant and Anticarcinogen. Vitamin E protects the body from pro-oxidation, toxins and cancers.

There is a large body of evidence to support Vitamin E with Selenium ( known as a heart lubricator) are powerful antioxidants and anticarcinogens. This could in fact partly be to… Continue reading

Scary Facts

Anyway one tries to measure it, America’s health is failing. The amount we spend per capita on health care far exceeds any other society in the world. Logically we deserve to be healthy but 75 percent of us are overweight and some 17 million and counting American’s have diabetes. Heart disease is on the rise. The war on cancer hs been a miserable failure. At least 50 percent of all Americans take a prescription drug and yes it will get worse.

The children are too fat and many are becoming… Continue reading

Discover Your Inner Strength

We all have inner strength. For some, it is evident in their leadership style. For others it shows in the “Unstoppable” way they drive themselves to reach goals that most people believe would never be possible. For some it is manifested in a quiet self-confidence that helps them trumph over the tough times in life.

There are many who are perplexed about what “inner strength” really means and specifically how to find it and use it.

My Dad is certainly one who found his inner strength and used it. After… Continue reading

Single Supplements

Although it may be tempting to mentally lump all of the different B Vitamins into one product, each one is necessary for and involved in different enzymatic reactions in the body. Each has a distinctly different job even if the end results are similar. Researchers are finding that Vitamin C is not just Ascorbic Acid, rather all of the component complexes that are found along with it in foods. One may assume that a mineral is a mineral, and that if we are deficient in one mineral, we can simply… Continue reading


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