Can you throw a Baseball 80 mph, At The Age of 59?

To Beth, and Beyond

Why are we all recovering from something?

Bear with me a minute, if you would. It seems that everyone I have ever in personal development is recovering from something. Some of my mentors have said that life will challenge you, we are all a work in progress, and there is function in dysfunction. I agree completely with these statements.

So why is it that so many people think that they can not achieve, are stuck in a toxic relationship, a dead end job and a life just not… Continue reading

My Big Mouth

I must tell you that I amazed how so many people really do not care about health.

The whole “your health is everything” is a big Fat lie. Yes, I said it and I mean it.

I have a good friend who is a fitness professional, he has done a number of direct sales companies-supplements, etc Most of the ingredients in these products are inferior at best. He now works with a company that has nothing to do with health and is making some serious coin. He told me flat… Continue reading

Happy Anniversary

Boy does time fly when you are having fun. I welcome you to celebrate my anniversary with me. It only seems like yesterday that the Talkinhealth show began. 5 years have gone by, 260 episodes, over 300 hours of spectacular Content.

We have had phenomenal guests:

*Health Coaches


*Exercise Physiologists

*Physical Therapists






*Professional Athletes

*Former Professional Athletes

*Amateur Athletes


*Dedicated Dads

*My Own Family

It has been an honor to do this program and I am blessed that some friendships and business ventures… Continue reading

Meet a man who defeated Tiger Woods in Golf…

How often in life do you meet someone has been living his dream of playing a professional sport for 40 years , not too often or never.

If I played one game and had one at bat in a major league baseball game, I would have cried from joy.

Can you imagine playing a pro sport that you love and getting paid to do it. What a way to wake up everyday.

For Professional Golfer John Ross, this is his life. Since 1972, John has been a professional golfer and… Continue reading

Frying in Philly…

It is so hot in Philly today that I could fry an egg on the sidewalk.

Please stay hydrated and allow your body and mind to rest.

At 10:00 pm EST/ 7:00 pm PST my special on Talkin Health will be Evita Ochel who will share with you her perspective on all aspects of health and nutrition.

I ask that you use your phone and press 712 432-1601 access code 709529# and welcome you to forward this information to those that you care about.

Yours In Great Health, Dr.… Continue reading

It is Okay to Drink…

June is here and a lot is going on. I just finished playing a weekend baseball Tournament in Cherry Hill, New Jersey.

Lots of fun but 2 games a day was a bit difficult. It was all about ice, drinking water, aqua jogging and cleansing to recover.

I found that besides competing, I enjoyed doing Play by play announcing in the games I did not participate in. It was great.

Back to health. Now that summer is staring to hit, please, please drink lots of water, no Gatorade, no powerade,… Continue reading

Animal Protein, Live with it or without it?

As you know, Nutrition is a huge part of my life. I truly feel that you are what you eat. While many people claim to eat healthy, Really it is a lie. They might compare themselves to a McDonald’s 5 time a weeker, or a a person who attends daily “Unhappy Hour” at the local bar.

What if someone lived on fruits and vegetables? as their primary source of food.

*No Grains- most are a fraud anyway

*No processed sugar

*No cooked animal protein-Now the controversy starts.

According Dr. Doug… Continue reading

The Effects Of Protein On Obesity: Animal Vs Plant

A number of people have asked me over the years to write a book about the Controversial topic of Protein.

I have good news and I have good news. I will start with the good news.

The book on Protein is done and after years of research, I am proud to present it to you.

It is called The Effects OF Protein On Obesity. It is filled with lots and lots of research.

The issue of Animal vs. Plant Protein is a huge part of the book.

I am about… Continue reading

77 and skipping a trip to heaven

One of biggest problems I have with weight loss products, programs and coaches is that none are designed to last a lifetime. They almost never take into account the nutrient value of food, the mindset of the client and lifestyle they live.

We are told to live healthy but most have no clue what that means.

The facts are fast food, over the counter and prescription drugs, alcohol, chemical laden foods/products and pollution are here to stay. The FDA does not have your best interest. Sadly many people have a… Continue reading


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