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John Farley

Join John Farley and Joe Kasper for a Tibute to Jack Lalane. A once in a lifetime program.John known as The Fitness Hypnotist. He is a former regional and national karate champion(1986/1987 respectively),an award winning speaker and Author.
Joe Kasper is an Exercise Physiologist and nutritionist.

John had his own radio show interviewing leaders in health and wellbeing, and he is co-founder of an accredited college for fitness professionals.John Farley is known

John has degrees from Broome Community College, Cortland University (Exercise Physiology), Columbia University (Applied Physiology/Sports Psychology), doctoral training from Union Institute and University (Weight Management), a doctorate degree in applied sports psychology from OPI and post-graduate training from The MindBody Institute at Harvard Medical School under the guidance of Dr. Herbert Benson.
John is certified in hypnosis from the National Guild of Hypnotists, certified in sports psychology from OPI, certified in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and the Silva Mind Method and has earned a certification in aerobics by Aerobic Pipeline.

John started as a part-time fitness instructor at age 19, became an exercise physiologist at Cardio-Fitness Center in 1988 and an in-home personal trainer in 1989 working with executives in New York City.

In 1989 John learned hypnosis from John Halpin, the 75 year young hypnotist who hypnotized Mike Tyson to become the youngest and most devasting heavyweight boxing champion in the world. Since then, he became certified in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and taught sports hypnosis to professional hypno-therapists.

John combines exercise, nutrition and hypnosis to transform the lives of those who he works with privately and in live seminars.

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